We're building IRENE

A new mechanism for local engagement


Founders Statement

Read the Founders Statement

We’re taking the project up to the next level.

Section51scotland’s Founders have published a Founders Statement – download a pdf from the link above.

There’s a major overhaul of the website on-going at the moment, as well as continual development of the IRENE platform and shopfront.

Over the next week this page and the rest of the site will change to make it clearer what IRENE is, why we’re building her and how she will work, so please keep checking back.

After that we will be building toward our first crowdfunding campaign and laying out the next steps for IRENE development.


Irene on mobileIn the meantime IRENE still works fine, simply:

  1. Log-in or Register

  2. Drop a pin on the map and give us some info about your concern

  3. Share your pin with others

  4. Watch the number of people backing your pin rise

  5. Download a detailed printer friendly report of how many people back your pin

more info is available in our blogs

I think a devblog is supposed to be written by people who know what’s going on, and be about what’s going to be going on. But I know neither of those things, so instead I’ll talk about what’s happened, and perhaps what hasn’t happened. What has happened is that I’ve managed to pull together aRead More…

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