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A new version of IRENE has been released! Use it here.

Using IRENE is easy:

1 – Register or Log on and go to the IRENE page

2 – Drag a pin from the pin wallet in the bottom right onto the map.

3 – Fill in the form that appears and hit save. Your pin is added to the map and visible to everyone who visits.

4 – Re-select the pin and click the ()/()/()/() button to get a link and share it with others.

5 – Let the backers counter rise, and click the button to see your pin’s impact report.

Use the information IRENE helps you gather in whatever way you want – it’s yours. We don’t collect any other info that we need to make this process work, and we make all of that available to users.

Once placed a pin has a default life of 6 months, receiving a backing increases the life of a pin. You’ll receive a notification from IRENE when your pin expires and becomes invisible to other users. You will see the pin as a greyed out ‘ghost’ that you can still interact with, and 24 hours later the pin will be deleted completely. You can click the () icon on the pin popup at any point to invigorate the pin (re-set the pin’s lifetime to 6 months) – even after expiration, but before deletion.

Every registered user gets 10 free pins a month in what we call your pin stipend. If you need more, or want to support us you can buy more pins in the shop for 50p per pin – less than a stamp! Placing, or invigorating () a pin costs one pin. Backing a pin costs nothing, back as many other pins as you agree with by clicking the number in the top right of the popup. You’ll see it rise a moment later.

Find pins on the map by browsing the map manually, or click the () button on the left to search. Click the () button on the left to see the top ten most backed issues on IRENE. If you have  a pin selected, click the () button on the right to see a list of every pin placed by that user. Click the () button on the left to see a list of your own pins.

When you have a pin selected, click the () button either on the right, or on the pin pop-up to open the comments panel, post, rate and respond to comments on a pin here.

If you encounter any problems, issues, or errors, or if you have any suggestions for improvements then let me know in a comment on the Bugboard and I’ll address it as quickly as I can.

Thanks for Visiting and good luck!


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