Well, it’s Christmas. I hope yours went well!

Although a little chaos is to be expected, and is after all, quite fun.

In the world of IRENE:

I’ve been working on getting whole site to run https, this is more secure for users, should help with our search rankings and is generally a good idea – all major sites do it and so should we!

I’ve also written out a better how-to for IRENE. It’s on the homepage as well as on IRENE. Open it by clicking the () button on the right hand side.

Thirdly, I’ve added a home location function. When you’re in IRENE, open your profile tab by clicking the () button on the left and you’ll see a () button near the top. Clicking this will save to current location that you’re looking at in the map as your home location. Once you’ve done that, click the () icon on the left to return to that location whenever you’re browsing. Soon I’ll update IRENE to automatically open on your home view when you log in.

With the new year coming round I’m now setting to work on a more detailed how to, complete with some gifs showing how to place a pin, share a pin and comment on a pin so that new users get a more visual introduction to the platform. I’ll put that on the Homepage when it’s done as well as inside the how-to panel on IRENE. I’ve also got to expand our blog section with some useful and informative articles on what IRENE is for, HOW is works and WHY you should use it (as well as make it look right!)

Once all that is done I’ll be heading back to developing IRENE. I’ll be adding Pin Categories and gearing up to get Local Authority boundaries onto the map so that I can work towards making IRENE aware of who the relevant authority for any placed pin is.

That’s all a LOT of work, coupled with the inevitable slew of glitches and errors that will come up over the next few weeks It might take me a while to complete it all. If you’re at all interested in the future of IRENE and would like to support me in developing it please but some pins or donate. Also on my to-do list is setting up a GoFund me page or something, but for now if you visit the shop page you can buy pins or simply donate to help me grab a much needed coffee!

ho-ho-oh it's Christmas

Regardless, please have a poke at IRENE and do check back over the coming weeks to see the improved how to and upgraded website.




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